Ceviche with avocado


This ceviche is such a fresh and bright dish. It has simple every day ingredients and will take you 15 minutes to get it on the table.

I adore using our avocados in this dish and the creamy texture is so complimentary to the fish and citrus. Serve it on top of corn chips you really are knocking it out of the park!

A couple of quick tips:

~ don’t over mix it, the tomatoes and avocado present better when not constantly mixed and prodded.

~ don’t be scared! Using the citrus juice cures the raw fish and gives it that incredible flavour without having to cook anything!

Ceviche with avocado

Serves 2-4


400 grams white fish  (I used gurnard)
2 Twisted Citrus avocados
Big handful coriander
½ cup lemon or lime juice
150 grams tomato
¼ red onion, finely diced
Seasoning, I used pepper and Man Grind (Rock salt spiked with chilli, garlic and citrus)
Chilli, optional
Corn chips to serve


  1. With a good sharp knife, slice your fish into approx 1.5cm dice and place in a bowl.
  2. Add your red onion to the fish
  3. Add your lemon juice & season
  4. Cut your tomato’s and add them to the fish
  5. Rough chop your coriander and add this too, don’t stir it yet, as you don’t want everything to break up and become mushy.
  6. Finally, chop your avocado into large chunks and add these to the fish. Stir through gently and taste the mix to see if it needs more seasoning.

The fish needs around 10-15 mins to “cure” in the citrus, so probably while you have done all the above its taken you around this time and you are ready to serve with corn chips and delight in your ceviche making skills!


Our spray-free avocados are Hass, the most common commercial variety in New Zealand  and for good reason. We source ours from two local growers, Bret Hart, and David and Judy Grey of Avogrey Orchard in Ormond, Gisborne. David follows in his father’s footsteps, who introduced the Hass variety to New Zealand in the 1950s, and his grandfather, Charles Grey, who started New Zealand’s first avocado orchard in Gisborne in 1916.

Hass avocados have a lovely silky, creamy texture and are perfect for guacamole, salads, on toast or simply eaten with a spoon. Green and hard when unripe, they slowly turn a dark green/black colour and soften when they are ready to eat.

Once picked, avocados take 7-14 days to ripen depending on where they are stored. Warmer temperatures speed up ripening and avocados ripen faster towards the end of the season. The fastest way to ripen an avocado is inside a brown paper bag with a ripe banana in the hot-water cupboard. Once ripe, you can keep them in the fridge for a few days if required.

Our avocados are handpicked, packed and transported with care – no squeezing, poking and prodding by other shoppers at the supermarket means no bruises. Handled with the utmost care, once you try one of our delicious avocados you won’t believe what you've been missing out on!


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