Avocado Hollandaise

This avocado version of classic Hollandaise sauce is delicious with grilled vegetables, steamed asparagus or with Eggs Benedict.

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Avocado Hollandaise


3 egg yolks
110g butter, melted and still hot
1T lime juice
1 avocado
1/2t salt


Put yolks in food processor and turn on. With the motor running, gradually add a tablespoon of the butter at a time until yolks become thick and pale yellow. Add the lime juice and avocado. Blitz until smooth and creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Our spray-free avocados are Hass, the most common commercial variety in New Zealand  and for good reason. We source ours from two local growers, Bret Hart, and David and Judy Grey of Avogrey Orchard in Ormond, Gisborne. David follows in his father’s footsteps, who introduced the Hass variety to New Zealand in the 1950s, and his grandfather, Charles Grey, who started New Zealand’s first avocado orchard in Gisborne in 1916.

Hass avocados have a lovely silky, creamy texture and are perfect for guacamole, salads, on toast or simply eaten with a spoon. Green and hard when unripe, they slowly turn a dark green/black colour and soften when they are ready to eat.

Once picked, avocados take 7-14 days to ripen depending on where they are stored. Warmer temperatures speed up ripening and avocados ripen faster towards the end of the season. The fastest way to ripen an avocado is inside a brown paper bag with a ripe banana in the hot-water cupboard. Once ripe, you can keep them in the fridge for a few days if required.

Our avocados are handpicked, packed and transported with care – no squeezing, poking and prodding by other shoppers at the supermarket means no bruises. Handled with the utmost care, once you try one of our delicious avocados you won’t believe what you've been missing out on!


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