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Perfect Gifts For A Kiwi Christmas

Christmas is so close we can almost taste the pavlova already. Are you ready for twinkling lights strung around aromatic trees, BBQs in the back yard, days at the beach, and giant bowls of fruit salad and trifle?

If the silly season has come at you quicker than expected, don’t stress. You are not alone! We are certain it gets earlier every year.

Sure, it’s a busy time of year, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Especially when we have got you covered with our awesome Kiwi Christmas gift ideas! Read on for some inspiration.


Perfect Gifts For A Kiwi Christmas

Experiences And Adventures

There is a quote that goes something like: “Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show.”

We love the idea of gifting a memorable experience to a loved one. Instead of undies and socks (or as well, as – because you can never have enough of those!), how about a gift to remember. Choose from throwing Mum or Dad out of a plane with a sky diving experience, a thrilling bungee jump, or even a ski trip?

If that’s a bit too much for the special person in your life, there are dozens of more sedate options: think spa days, craft beer tours, kayaking, sailing, dinners, and so much more.

Red Balloon has an endless array of options to inspire you.


Year-Long Gifts

What is better than one present? A bunch of presents! Subscription-based gifts keep spreading the love year-round.

Keep your favourite person (or people) healthy and happy with a Twisted Citrus fruit subscription. It sends only the most delicious, quality fruit to their doorstep. You can choose from weekly or fortnightly delivery, and pick their fave fresh produce - or leave the choice up to them.

There are plenty of other subscription-based options to suit almost any interest. Think chocolate, craft beer, magazines, gardening, and books.

Frazzled families might appreciate a subscription to a meal planning service, or a year-long zoo membership.


Give To Those Who Need It Most

Kiwis love the great outdoors, but unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always feel the love. A shocking percentage of NZ’s waterways are polluted. Million Metres is on a mission to fix that by restoring habitats with native plants and trees.

You can purchase a bundle of native flora on behalf of a loved one. They will get an e-card and receive updates about projects. A fantastic cause that just keeps on giving.

For more eco-friendly gift options, check out the Sustainable Business Network.

There are so many NZ organisations in need of support. For any loved ones passionate about certain causes, consider donating to the SPCA, KidsCan, the Salvation Army, or similar on their behalf.


Kiwi Classics

If you are still scratching your head about the perfect pressie for a certain someone, here’s our top pick of classic Kiwi gifts for a summer Christmas!

  • Backyard or beach cricket set
  • Whittaker’s chocolate
  • Funky beach bag (stock it with beach essentials for bonus points!)
  • BBQ supplies
  • Portable speaker for blasting those iconic Kiwi tunes
  • Chilly bin/drinks cooler
  • A funky reusable water bottle
  • Board/card games for those rainy days (because, hello… it is NZ!)
  • Tents and other camping essentials


Love the idea of a tasty fruit subscription for Christmas (or any time)? Then head on over to the shop now to browse our different options. We also have gift boxes available!


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