Fruit of The Month - The Lemonade Fruit

While selling lemonade on the side of the road is a rather American thing to do. The lemonade fruit is quintessentially Kiwi. In fact, we even created the first one!

Which is why we wanted to showcase this delicious little citrus surprise. So, welcome to the month of the lemonade fruit! This delightful citrus fruit is in season, growing in abundance in New Zealand’s sunshiny climate and ready to enjoy.


What Is the Lemonade Fruit?

Even if you have never heard of a lemonade fruit, you’ve probably already eaten one. These sweet lemon variants were a popular childhood treat for many Kiwis and continue to grow dotted throughout the nation’s backyards.

So, are they actually a kind of lemon? In a way, yes, but they are a hybrid species most commonly believed to be a Meyer lemon crossed with a mandarin - although some people claim it’s crossed with a grapefruit. Either way, they are delicious.


What Are They Like?

Lemonade fruits have all the refreshing, invigorating flavour of a lemon, minus the mouth-puckering sourness. They are higher in natural sugars than a traditional lemon, so can be enjoyed straight from the tree.

Physically, lemonade fruit look much like a large lemon, although they have a rounder shape than most lemon varieties. Like lemons, they turn from green to bright yellow as they ripen, and only ripen on the tree.

The tree itself is a popular ornamental plant and doesn’t grow to the same size as a regular lemon tree. It has fragrant white flowers and is graced with thorns to protect the fruit from unwelcome predators.


Their History

Lemonade fruit is still relatively unknown globally. They were discovered in New Zealand in the 80's and grown widely here and in Australia. The United States came late to the party, with lemonade fruit only reaching their shores in 2005. Because they need lots of sunshine and a frost-free climate to thrive, lemonades can only grow in certain areas.


How You Can Use Them

These mouth-watering packages of juiciness are best enjoyed as is. Simply peel them and tuck in to enjoy the taste of, well, lemonade (we are talking traditional lemonade here, the kind you make from fresh-squeezed lemons and sugar, not the branded fizzy drinks!)

There are many ways to use lemonade fruit. Add them to your favourite cocktails  for a sweeter twist than a traditional lime or lemon, or even add a couple of squirts to guacamole to give it a distinct flavor and prolong its shelf life.

You can use lemonade fruit to make almost any recipe that uses lemon. Just keep in mind that because they are less acidic, they aren’t going to add that satisfying tang that you might be after. Better for people with a sweet tooth!

Try lemonade cheesecake, lemonade meringues, lemonade slice or use it to make delicious lemon-based marinades, sauces and vinaigrettes. Lemonade fruit also makes for an exquisite marmalade that can see you enjoying these citrus treats year-round.


Where You Can Get Them?

Because lemonade fruits don’t come in big commercial crops in New Zealand, it may be hard to track them down at the local supermarket.

Luckily for you, we have an incredible source and can deliver as many as you want, straight to your door! Head on over to the Twisted Citrus store now and order your lemonade supply now.

Summer is on the way and so is the lemonade fruit. Have your juicer at the ready, get those glass jugs lined up, and prepare to enjoy this oh so mouth-watering citrus fruit!