Delicious & Healthy Green Juice

I adore green juice, and by cold pressing the best produce means that you get amazing flavour, as well as all the health benefits. BUT never fear! This combination is just as incredible in your standard juicer, plus it is far faster!

I used the following amount and got a little over a litre of cold pressed green juice.

Twisted Green Juice


3 Pears
3 Apples
2 Twisted Citrus Lemons
2 Twisted Citrus Limes
A bag of Spinach


Cut all of your fruit up, discard the core and peels.

Feed into your juicer, now devour!


Limes are valued both for the acidity of their juice and the floral aroma of their zest. Our limes are the Bearss variety (also known as Tahitian or Persian), which are famed for their size and juiciness.

Limes really pack a punch in the flavour and nutrition stakes and are a key ingredient in Mexican, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. (The Mexican lime - also known as the Key lime - is smaller than the Bearss variety and is rarely seen in New Zealand.)

Limes are also used extensively in drinks to add unparalleled flavour – from a wedge in the neck of your Corona to a chunky muddle in your mojito, once you’ve had the real thing, no substitute will do.

Limes store well at room temperature out of direct sunlight for at least a week (and become juicier during this time), but will store much longer in the fridge where their vitamin content is undiminished. They can also be frozen whole, or juiced into ice-cube trays.

Packed with vitamin C, limes are harvested when dark to pale green. A yellow lime signifies full maturity and maximum juice content.

Available between March and September.


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