Fish Tacos with Avocado

These fish tacos with creamy avocado and killer spicy sauce from Jana MacPherson taste like heaven! And the avo's are just so good right now. You know that feeling when you want to show someone just how good your avo is when you open it?!

Fish Tacos with Avocado


500 grams white fish 
2 Eggs
1½ cup breadcrumbs, I used a mixture, and I love using panko  
½ cup white Flour
Salt & Pepper
1/3 Cucumber
2 Twisted Citrus Avocado
Handful of Coriander
½ punnet of cherry Tomatoes, chopped  
1 Red onion, sliced 
1-2 tablespoons Oil
8 flour Tacos
50g Feta Cheese
1-2 tablespoons white vinegar
1-2 tablespoons white sugar
2 Twisted Citrus lemons
Siracha Mayo to serve


1. First make the red onion pickle, in a jar, add the red onion, sugar & white vinegar. Mix a little and set aside.

2. Next let’s crumb the fish. Place the flour on a plate and season with salt and pepper. In a bowl, crack the eggs and mix with a fork a little. On another plate, place the crumbs.

3. Slice the fish into finger sized slices.

4. Dip the fish in the flour, then egg, then crumb mix. And then set aside. I like to use one hand for dipping and keep one clean in case i need to add something else or answer the door/phone!

5. Slice the tomatoes and dice the cucumber.

6. Cook the fish in a pan on a medium heat, in a little oil until cooked through.

7. While the fish is cooking, heat your tacos and take one of your avocados, peel and dice. Add a generous squeeze of lemon and season well with salt and pepper.

8. On a large platter, place your tacos, fish, chopped avocado & if you like some extra avocado slices like I have here as well. Add your cucumber to the red onion and place on the platter, scatter over some tomato, coriander and finish with siracha mayo. I like to do a final season of the fish with salt & pepper and serve with lots of lemon wedges and scatter over crumbled feta. 



Our spray-free avocados are Hass, the most common commercial variety in New Zealand – and for good reason. We source ours from two local growers, Bret Hart, and David and Judy Grey of Avogrey Orchard in Ormond, Gisborne. David follows in his father’s footsteps, who introduced the Hass variety to New Zealand in the 1950s, and his grandfather, Charles Grey, who started New Zealand’s first avocado orchard in Gisborne in 1916.

Hass avocados have a lovely silky, creamy texture and are perfect for guacamole, salads, on toast or simply eaten with a spoon. Green and hard when unripe, they slowly turn a dark green/black colour and soften when they are ready to eat.

Once picked, avocados take 7-14 days to ripen depending on where they are stored. Warmer temperatures speed up ripening and avocados ripen faster towards the end of the season. The fastest way to ripen an avocado is inside a brown paper bag with a ripe banana in the hot-water cupboard. Once ripe, you can keep them in the fridge for a few days if required.

Our avocados are handpicked, packed and transported with care – no squeezing, poking and prodding by other shoppers at the supermarket means no bruises. Handled with the utmost care, once you try one of our delicious avocados you won’t believe what you've been missing out on!

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