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How To Know If You Are A Foodie

Do you have shelves full of cookbooks - or the online equivalent: bookmark folders full of recipes on your web browser?

Is Masterchef your favourite TV show?

Do you post perfectly posed pictures of your meals to social media before you indulge?

If so, you may well be a foodie…  or not.

It seems that the label of "foodie" is a much-maligned, much debated one, and can as easily be meant as an insult Just as much as a compliment.

Here at Twisted Citrus, it’s clear that we love food and care about how it’s produced and where it comes from. But most people do enjoy food, and everybody has to eat!

So, what makes someone an official foodie? Join us to find out.


What Exactly Is A Foodie?

If you ask the internet this very question, prepare to be offended! The general consensus is that a foodie is a pretentious, social media-loving, elitist food know-it-all who pretends to be an expert when they are not.

But we beg to differ!

While the term may have been overused and become a buzzword for the Instagram/hipster crowd, a true foodie is simply passionate about good food. And we still love and respect the true foodies of the world.

Let’s take back the foodie label and wear it with pride!

So, how do you know if you are a true foodie?


You Plan Your Holidays Around Meals

When you think about your next holiday, you are already planning where you will dine. The itinerary consists of where you will breakfast, lunch and dinner… and then the activities follow from there.

Your top bucket list destinations are arranged according to the foods you want to try - authentic Italian pasta and gelato; the street food in Penang; the chocolate train in Switzerland.

Even your local weekend adventures will involve a trip to a new restaurant, winery, or cafe. Basically anywhere you can get a delicious meal.


You Love To Try New Things

While some people stick to the same tried and true meals and favourite restaurants, you love to stretch your tastebuds and experience new flavours and sensations. You are probably quite adventurous, seeking out unique taste combos and enjoy cooking and eating things you have never tried before.


You Care About Where Your Food Comes From

At Twisted Citrus, we know where your food comes from, how it was produced, and even how it is delivered and packaged matters. Foodies appreciate fresh, seasonal produce and go to the effort of purchasing the best quality products to create their cooking experiments.

You will often find them at farmer’s markets!


You Love All Things Food-Related

True foodies love to watch food being prepared and eaten. It provides inspiration and is almost as satisfying as eating it yourself. You will enjoy cooking shows, food travel shows, cooking magazines, cooking blogs, and probably follow at least a few food-based social media accounts.


Food Is Your Hobby

It’s easy to love eating, but foodies take it a step further and have a real interest in food. They don’t eat just for hunger, but for pleasure. They also enjoy learning and experimenting just as much as sampling the final product.


Whether you consider yourself to be a foodie, a gastronome, or a gourmet, there’s just something about food that really floats your boat – and there’s no shame in that. Embrace your foodie-ness as you embrace your food, because what’s not to love!

And, if you are looking for some amazing fresh produce to make your meals even more delicious, then head over to the shop to check out our range of in season fruits.

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