Persimmons are high in vitamin C and A – packing 30 times more vitamin A than an apple and more than any other fruit! They also provide a good dose of iron, and manganese, which is great for the skin. Other than being great little bundles of nutrients, studies have shown that persimmons can kill cancer cells in prostate, colon and breast cancer.

The Latin name for the most commonly eaten persimmon is Diospyros kaki, literally translating to “fruit of the gods”. Persimmons are native to parts of Asia, with China producing a massive 43% of the world’s 4.6 million tonnes every year. Understandably popular in the region, persimmons are most commonly enjoyed as a dried fruit snack - in Korean folklore, dried persimmon is said to scare away tigers!

They certainly are a spectacular autumn fruit, hanging like shiny orange lanterns even after their trees have dropped their leaves.

There are two different kinds of persimmon - Hachiya, astringent persimmons, and Fuyu, sweet, non-astringent persimmons. Fuyu persimmons, such as the ones we provide, are shaped like a tomato and can be eaten before they are fully ripe. The Hachiya variant is shaped more like a large acorn and should only be consumed once it’s well and truly ripe, turning a deep orange colour.  It’s said to be one of the most mouth-puckeringly bitter tastes imaginable. Consuming it unripe will make your mouth numb and your eyes water.

Our sweet certified organic persimmons are delicious simply peeled and eaten. They can be eaten at any time – while they are crunchy or once they have ripened further and the flesh has softened.

Our persimmons are hand-picked and will arrive at your door in perfect condition. They will keep for two to three weeks at room temperature – longer in the fridge. Remember to keep them away from apples unless you want to accelerate ripening.


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